Do ads reduce web traffic to your site?

I’ve been looking at my stats (I know I shouldn’t) but it’s been interesting to see a drop in traffic steadily over the past couple of months. This seems to coincide with me turning to Adsense to help me pay for my hosting etc. It’s also seen a reduction of performance on my site since turning all of these on too.

I’m not currently that happy with the performance and ads on the site especially given I’m not making any money from Adsense but it’s been an interesting experiment. I’m on the fence with what to do next, I’m not going to be able to make a living with this endeavour and the money I have made has all been via donations (thanks to those that have).

This leads me to think that I’m better off turning off all ads and reverting back to my model of no Adsense to improve performance of my site and rely on generous readers to help me keep this going.