Using the tech that works for you

This isn’t the first time I’ve shared my thoughts on this but the recent Intel ads and Apple pundits running to defend them (they don’t need defending) got me thinking about my use of tech.

I’ve always believed that you should use the tech that works for you, regardless of the brand name. For me I made the switch to Mac when I got continually frustrated trying to record my own music on PC. I’d owned an iPod and liked the way it worked, I appreciated it’s use and interface. As soon as I got my white plastic MacBook I loved it.

I’ve dabbled with using Android daily but as with the PC I found frustration with how cobbled together it felt and that there were many ways to do the same thing. If Android improves to my liking and if it did a better job for what I want then I’d switch though, I’m open to new platforms.

This tribalism isn’t something unique to tech, it’s seen in all walk of life but in this current state of things in the world for me there’s bigger things to be concerned about than defending your brand of choice and belittling others that feel differently.