Setting up Apple Reminders

I know I know, another post about me going back to Apple Reminders…

Well, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and wanted something

  • Free (with functionality)
  • Simple creation of items
  • Sync between devices
  • A widget
  • Simple…

I’ve used them all, as you most probably know but at the end of the day I don’t need major project organisation right now.

I’m mainly focussed on getting a job and tracking that is my main requirement. The rest of my items are things like putting bins out and household or reminding myself of articles I might want to write. I don’t need something over complicated like OmniFocus, something accessible so no Things (I wish they would adopt the system font size setting) or a pay monthly option like Todoist for that.

Reminders doesn’t support tagging so I just did a project per area as you can see above.

I then brain dumped into each relevant location.

Once I did this I simply put the widget on my home screen with the items due today.

I’m hoping this simpler setup will reduce the daily stress and help me stay on track with the basics.


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