The state of tech podcasts

It’s funny timing that Andy shared his thoughts on The Tech Podcast Bubble as it sums up something I’ve been meaning to talk about, Andy put it better than I could to be honest. I don’t have the commute but podcast listening at home and walks became a habit and the constant nitpicking from some outlets or “my phone is the best as it’s the biggest, yours is far less superior ” type comments I realised were impacting my mental health.

This became more evident when I was looking to build support for my creative outlets but heard others with an audience talking down to the very people that they are expecting a monthly membership from.

I realised when I stopped listening to most of the shows I used to, I just got on and enjoyed the technology I had and felt like I had more time. I wasn’t really actually listening, it just became a habit of putting in my headphones when I had some downtime.

Now I only listen to music or shows that try to be a positive force on their subject like the guys over at Forcecenter.

Do yourself a favour and unplug from your usual podcasts for a bit and see how you feel.