Why I stopped using Hey

I’ve been using Hey for my email over the last week and ultimately I decided not to pay my $99 to keep the service going for a year.

The macOS experience wasn’t as good

I float between iOS and macOS throughout the day and the Hey macOS app just isn’t as good (for me) as the native experience.

Generally I much prefer a native app experience and whilst using Hey in a browser is ok I just didn’t like using it on the desktop. I’ve just never really been into web apps. I found I had to manually refresh anyway so the app didn’t make sense – if you like web apps, just use the browser.

Did their screening technology work for me?

The tech worked but I found I don’t receive enough emails to make it worthwhile. I’d go in manually anyway to make sure it hadn’t filtered out important emails. This might be because I’m job seeking and sensitive to missing out but whilst useful if you get hundreds of emails a day, for me not so much.

The feed section where you could see all of your subscriptions to newsletters was really nice but I don’t subscribe to that many, cost vs benefits here for me.

I was spending more time in mail rather than less

With my Apple mail apps, when I see a notification badge I know I have mail and can just check the app as I need to. With Hey I found I was keeping it open and either hitting refresh, checking spam or fiddling with settings. For me the app was a distraction.

Should you pay for email?

This is a very personal choice. When I went into this I thought if it gave me benefits over Apple mail I’d consider it but ultimately it didn’t. I’m currently managing a very tight budget and whilst I’d love to be able to afford $99 to stop tracking technologies in my email that’s almost a year of my mobile phone plan and I just can’t do it.

If you have the cash, happy with a web app and don’t want to be tracked in your email then it’s definitely worth a test but for me it’s come at the wrong time and I can’t afford to try it without being 100% into the service and I’m not.