Microsoft OneNote thoughts

I’ve been testing some notes apps recently and I think I’ve settled on OneNote. I’d tried to use it for years both at home and in work but it didn’t really click but once I’d worked out how I might use it with my job seeking it made sense. I’ve got a notebook per area so at the moment

  • Job hunting: contains lists of ones I’ve applied to and preparation
  • Journal: Trying to replace a paper one
  • Food: Recipes

I’ve installed it on my iMac and iPhone and sync is working well. I was also impressed with saving web pages directly into it.

Another win is the formatting options available within each note. It’s pretty free form in terms of layout but you can do things like inline tables, something I was after and not getting what I wanted in Apple Notes.

It’s free so worth a try if you’re looking for somewhere to organise your notes.