Should you use ads on your blog if you are an independent creator?

I’ve been messing a lot with monetisation of my content since I lost my full time job and I think after testing both WordAds and Adsense I’m coming to the conclusion that ads add unnecessary bloat to your site and if you’re an independent then seeking help via donations is the way to go.

Based on my traffic (between 1,000 and 10,000 views a month) I have seen little return in the investment I made moving to a WordPress Business account, in fact I wish I hadn’t done it.

Where I have seen the most support is through my amazing readers supporting me directly with PayPal or via Ko-Fi. Thanks to these amazing supporters I’ve been able to invest in myself and the blog a bit more paying for my hosting. Without this support I would have probably let the site expire as I couldn’t justify keeping it running when money was tight, having support has really helped and given me confidence to keep posting here.

Anyway, back to the topic… I have come to the conclusion that if you a run small site like this one and aren’t looking to have a site that constantly links out to other articles and falls into click bait then there is no need to put ads on your site. I am in the process of thinking about removing mine but given I’ve paid for a business account I’d like to recoup some of the costs of that – I’ll share what I end up doing on here.


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