Should you pay for Apple Arcade?

I’ve been playing around with Apple Arcade for another month after being given a free 3 month trail and unfortunately for me my thoughts haven’t changed since I used it at launch – it’s just not worth £4.99 a month.

We have fun with a few games

  • Cricket through the ages
  • Sneaky Sasquatch
  • What the golf

But after not using it for a long time and coming back I’m disappointed at the lack of new or engaging titles that would warrant my £4.99, especially at the moment.

I know Apple Arcade isn’t competing against something like Xbox games pass technically but at only an extra £3 a month it’s no competition.

I’m struggling to figure out where Arcade sits. All the casual gamers I know wouldn’t pay for a service, they prefer free to play that are already on the App Store. All the others that play games get them individually on console or pay for Xbox Game Pass.

So my verdict is that you still shouldn’t pay for Apple Arcade, if you’re getting it effectively for free as part of the One bundle then it doesn’t hurt to try a few games but as a dedicated £4.99 a month, no.