Is there too much friction to creating a newsletter?

I’ve been dabbling with newsletters for years but I always find there’s too much friction for me to stick to it. I work across iOS and macOS and all the solutions seem to inherit the same issues

  • No native iOS app
  • They are web based creation and sending that don’t always work particularly well on iOS

It’s why I enjoy blogging, there’s an app on my Home Screen where I can write up a post (like this one) whenever an idea comes to mind.

I think until there’s a friction free way to share via a newsletter I’ll always be a blogger first and wonder why I’m doing a newsletter in the first place.

Unfortunately it seems newsletters have become a way to add something to a membership these days and whilst that may work for some it’s not something I want to do, I just don’t see the value in locking this kind of content behind a paywall.

So, I’m rambling a bit to say

  • There’s too much friction (for me) in creating newsletters across platforms
  • I’m still undecided on if I’ll keep a newsletter going
  • I prefer blogging

One recent development I spotted on The Dent was the Hey email service looking at creating this friction free process and it might be the time that I jump in but for now I’ll put my newsletter on hold until I figure out why it’ll be of use, I don’t want to waste anyone’s time.