Do you need to find your blogs niche?

Finding a niche is what you’re told when reading the “how to build a blog” type posts but for me I just write things I’m passionate about.

I feel that people read my stuff to follow me rather than a particular topic. One day it could be something like this or another day a review of the latest iPhone.

I think of my blog as my own little social media platform controlled by me. I like to share thoughts on whatever comes to mind and there’s nothing wrong with that.

If your only goal is to make money (this isn’t sensible with a blog in 2021 BTW) then being recommended to choose a niche might make sense, constantly re-blogging others articles and chucking ads everywhere but it’s not what being a blogger is about.

It’s up to you what you feel is right but if you’re in it for fun – write about what you want.