The most important factor when I’m choosing a blogging platform

As I’m reviewing my creative projects versus what I can actually afford to keep going right now my blogging one stands out as a monthly outgoing I may need to divert elsewhere. I’m looking at free or cheaper alternatives to WordPress but one thing stands out to me – where do you write from the most?

For me that’s my iPhone, 90% of posts are written straight on my smartphone these days. I no longer really use an iPad for writing and my MacBook is mainly used for job seeking. My iPhone has become my most used device, which I wouldn’t have thought would be the case as we are at home so much but that’s where it’s landed for me.

So, my number one requirement when looking to make a move is how good is the mobile experience. This is everything from the editor to posting images.

I think you first have to look at which platform are you using the most and pick a system that offers as least resistance as possible.

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