Starting a newsletter

As with most creators these days I’ve decided to start a newsletter via substack, you can find it here. I’m doing a lot of thinking about where I’m creating content and with the pressure of being unemployed I’m thinking about where best I can share what I’m up to, some free and if paid then affordable to me. I’m not sure where this will lead but being completely honest I’m starting to look at ways of making some income from my writing to help support me in this time, this is mainly going to be via freelance if I get taken on somewhere but may end up being a paid membership or newsletter type scenario. I don’t think I have enough of an audience to turn this into something that will help me pay the bills but I need to be positive and think it may be something that at least will keep the lights on for the blog. I’ve just started on this journey and am planning on what content goes where all of the time at the moment so watch this space. (thanks in advance to those that are subscribing and thanks to those that have already supported me, it’s really appreciated).

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