Are Apple laptops good value for money?

I haven’t bought a new Mac since 2016 and it got me thinking about a point I’ve been saying to friends over the years that Apple laptops are good value for money. Yes, the initial outlay is a bit more but they’ll outlast a PC bought the same year.

I still use a 2016 MacBook and it’s on the latest macOS version and is handling all of my job searching and video calls fine. I can even do music recording in Logic Pro and video editing in iMovie.

It’s true it won’t game well, but not many a Mac will unless you go top end. If you’re after gaming get a gaming PC but for 90% of the work you’re doing a Mac is going to last you years. I think 7-9 years on a Mac is easily doable.

Make sure you hit your full budget to get 16GB Ram if you can at the beginning of your purchase but other than that you’re good.

What’s your oldest Mac in use? Mine is a 2015 5K iMac.

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