It might not be your apps fault for you not being productive

I write this as I think about switching to a to do app that I have already paid for vs one that I need to justify monthly before putting food on the table. It hit me today that it might not be the tool that’s the problem…. Yes, I have a lot of worries going on right now that are distracting me from being productive but the problem for me seems to be more towards the person driving and not the tool I’m using to help me deal with my day.

I do find faults in everything (I hate this about myself) so I can nitpick an app pretty well but that leaves me with hating all of the apps I try to use. I’m finding little niggles that I turn into roadblocks for me to using an app rather than just using it and accepting it’s flaws – all apps have these unless you make it yourself.

I’ve actually found going back to good old pen and paper helps take the mental load of an app or using my device to get it done – I want to start to use my devices less, I rely too much on technology and I find that it’s getting in the way, worrying about sync etc are a thing of the past with a notebook, although I do think I’ll lose it one day.

So, before switching apps again ask yourself if you need to review your system completely. I recommend taking a nice notebook or at least A4 sized paper and just simply brain dumping onto it. Once you know what you are up against then it’s time to think about if you want to use technology at all for a productivity system. I won’t be moving off the family calendar but for my own stuff I think I’m done with apps for tracking habits and to do’s – they are just adding more stress to an already stressed person – at least for now. Every time I unlock my iPhone I’m reminded of how I’m struggling and failing to keep up with good habits.

I think you’ll probably get from this I’m not in a great place right now, this post was really just to share my thoughts as it hit me today, whilst I was reflecting on things – sort out how you want to organise first, then jump into a system, which doesn’t even need to be tech based.

Let me know how you feel about this, it was a bit of a brain dump to be honest and wanted to get others inputs.

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