Is the iPhone 12 Mini the new 5C?

I’ve been reading more and more reports of the iPhone 12 Mini not selling well compared to the other models and looking at availability this seems to be true but it doesn’t mean it’s a flop. Like one of my favourite ever iPhone models the 5c it seems that the fan base for it is there but it’s niche.

I loved my 5c, it was small and light and most importantly for me comfortable to hold. In fact if I had the 5c shell with modern internals I’d be over the moon. It’s also why I loved the jet black iPhone 7, it’s comfortable to hold. As someone that doesn’t use cases I always appreciate an iPhone that doesn’t need to be hidden away in plastic to be used.

So back to the Mini. I do think it’s about £50 more expensive than it needs to be and personally I’d have preferred Apple not to have included 5G and brought the price down by £100. You’d have seen a different story I’d imagine but I digress.

We don’t know what Apple wants from it sales wise but if production costs vs sales aren’t great then it’ll be dropped. My hunch is like the 5c the Mini is either only going to last one year or be adapted to become a new SE.

I’d like to see an iPhone Air

  • 12 Mini externals
  • TouchID in the sleep/wake switch like the iPad Air
  • £499 starting cost for 64GB
  • Same camera system as existing Mini
  • Some cool new colours

Then drop the existing SE model.

What do you think?

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