Is blogging in decline?

I still write here on my blog because I want to get things out of my head and into a form that I enjoy but I see a lot of others taking the move into video, podcasts or dropping their blog completely.

I’ve tried video back in 2008 and whilst I gained some small successes I ultimately found it wasn’t a platform I was comfortable with. I don’t like YouTube particularly and their algorithms I feel are responsible for some of where we are today.

I also found that I’m not comfortable being on video, know your weaknesses right? I hated reading the comments and unless you have the cash to make great content there’s likely 100’s of people who have already done a video on it.

Anyway, I digress, back to blogging.

Maybe blogging isn’t going away but the traditional days of having your own blog is going away in favour of something like Medium, a newsletter or social media.

For me I believe that you shouldn’t build your content completely on someone else’s platform. Having your own place on the internet is a good thing to do if you can afford to run it. I’m thankful I’ve have support to keep the lights on a little longer but I am looking long term and feeling a little concerned about its future.

After building up my little blog and ultimately not being able to turn it into something that helps me keep the lights on I have to admit I’m also looking to places like Medium to help fund me going forward. I’m actually going to cross post this to Medium as an experiment to see what happens.

I guess this is a bit of ramble to say I really have no idea where to go but I don’t think blogging is going away but it’s definitely evolving into something new.

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