The best free to do app on iOS

I’ve been testing a lot of to do apps over the last few weeks and it struck me how little free options there are. There are both paid in full one time purchases and monthly subscriptions but finding a free option is hard.

It’s not a surprise given app makers can’t give away their products and it’s not a surprise that the free options come from the big tech companies making money in other areas – Apple, Google and Microsoft.

For me if you’re all in on Apple then the best choice is Reminders. It works well across all devices and has iOS 14 features like widgets. Where it falls down is in some of the iPad keyboard shortcut features but if you’re mainly on Mac and iPhone then it’s great. Your data is safe and private in iCloud and sync works well.

If you tend to use other platforms then I’d recommend Microsoft To Do. It’s a great little app and if you’re coming from the good old Wunderlist it’s a good choice. Where it falls down for me is in it’s speed of feature updates. There’s still no iOS 14 widget, this should be basic functionality now we’re months into the public release. If you can manage without a widget it’s worth checking out.

Google tasks isn’t even worth writing much about. I won’t even link to it, it’s hardly functional.

So that’s it if like me you’re managing a budget or want to check out free options before investing in a paid app.


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