Should you write on Medium?

It’s a question I ask myself as I look at ways to help my current financial situation. As someone that is running their own blog and making zero income on it I’m looking at options to help either grow this endeavour or leave and go all in on something like Medium with subscribers.

Medium has changed since I last used it years ago, the writing interface is still great but the content discovery seems haphazard. It feels more like Twitter than a reading app and I’m uncomfortable with the amount the subscriptions is being pushed upon me.

On reading other writers posts and the engagement I’ve experienced I feel that Medium can supplement your writing but you should not go all in on Medium.

At the end of the day building on someone else’s platform completely is never a good idea.

I’m thinking that the blog remains the starting point for your writing. Then use Medium to cross post maybe twice a month to see if you can find other readers that are interested in your content.

You can then work out which writing is best suited for your blog or Medium as you go.

Don’t bet on making money from any of it though, write to enjoy it.

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