Knowledge and status isn’t power

I’ve worked in IT for over 20 years and come across personalities that use their in depth technical knowledge as a form or power and are often arrogant with it.

In my career in large organisations especially I come across these types a lot and the amount they talk down to people or do not help unless you show you already have some knowledge is unbelievable. In the end I just stopped dealing with them and finding people that are open to questions and don’t look down upon you for not knowing all the answers. Being curious and asking questions is part of learning, if you come across these types of people distance yourselves from them. If you work in smaller organisations they don’t last long in my experience but still if you come across them, avoid.

Unfortunately it’s something that I see on some established tech podcasts more these days and it’s an instant unsubscribe.

Referring to forum users (or the very same people you want support from) as idiots isn’t a great look in my opinion. Hubris probably comes along with the territory when you’re a large podcast I expect but I just feel that some podcasters have lost what it’s like to be curious and be a day to day user of technology.

This is a strange post to write now I’m thinking about it but I guess I wanted to vent a little and also just advise that if you come across people that make you uncomfortable in this way disconnect or unfollow for your mental health.

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