Consultancy Services and a few changes to the site

It’s been overwhelming with losing my long time role last year and I have been taking time to figure out what it is that I want to do moving forward. I had been applying for a lot of roles but having taken a step back and a breath I can focus on what I actually want to do.

With this in mind I have made a few changes to the site and some of the services that I can offer given my 20+ years of commercial IT experience.

New ways to support me

I’ve updated my ABOUT page now to include clear ways you can support me in keeping the lights on. These include signing up for Patreon (yes I know, I’m trying again), donating via Ko-Fi (thanks to those that have already) and sponsorship. With sponsorship I have adjusted the price to bring it more in line with other sites based on their view counts. This is a great way to get your product or service out to an engaged and excellent audience.

Consultancy Services

I hadn’t really considered contracting before but it seems ideal for right now, I have a lot of experience and would like to put it to use. Having some variety of both who I work for and what I do sounds exciting to me and I love to help others achieve what they want in their projects. I’ve listed all of my experience on the site here. If you need a techie then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Freelancing writing

Freelance writing is something else, kind of like contracting that is an exciting opportunity to pursue now that I am available full time. I have applied to a few roles already and if you would like to have me write on your site please contact me. My current portfolio can be found here.

I’m only really at the beginning of this new journey and it’s taken a couple of months to get my head around it all and in the right place to move forward – wish me luck.

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