Cooling off on the next generation of consoles

I always get excited for new console launches and have been an early adopter most generations but for this PS5 and Xbox Series X one I’ve completely cooled my interest just now.

I was prepared to put down my money on a series X given game pass and no real new games on PS5 (over being able to play on my PS4 Pro) but between good games still on PS4 and the Switch becoming my main console I’m not bothered.

Yes I know the haptic controller seems to be a game changer but the Astro game aside it doesn’t look well adopted at the moment on other titles.

I’ll most likely pick up one or the other when our PS4 breaks down but at the moment I’m not seeing a compelling reason to pick one up (if I could even find one).

I think what would be most likely would be the Series S to get a cheaper console to use just for Halo and game pass but again there’s no compelling reason for me to do that just yet.

How are you feeling about next gen?


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