Being more intentional, keeping distractions off your smartphone

One thing I’ve realised in looking at my screen time since I lost my day job was that it’s gone very much in the wrong direction. I’m spending too much time in social media apps like Twitter and Reddit and less time on creating new things.

I’ve decided to make my iPhone use a lot more intentional. Less distractions and finding a new place for a certain activities. What I mean here is that as a first step I’m removing all of the social and podcasting apps off my iPhone.

Social apps are useful for me but I can catch up on my MacBook. I want to stop the habit of scrolling the news feed.

With podcasts I listen to them more out of habit than enjoyment. I don’t commute or travel to client sites so I find instead of relaxing with music I throw on whatever technology based podcast is my queue and end up not even listening to it really. I’m either not interested or just get bored these days.

I’m hoping these little changes help me focus a bit more on what’s important to me, something I’m still figuring out.

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