A quick take on macOS Big Sur

I’ve been using my MacBook a lot more over the last few months and to be honest I resisted Big Sur for a while but when the machine was running really slowly I thought, what have I got to lose.

After using it for a good few weeks now I wanted to share a few thoughts on using it.

  • It’s fast: yes, on older hardware (2016 MacBook) the whole OS runs a lot smother than Catalina did. Apps launch faster and seem more responsive. On the 2015 iMac 5k with 16GB it flies.
  • Newly designed apps: I like the new design on apps like Mail and Calendar and along with the fresh lick of paint they line up more nicely with iOS and look more modern.
  • Messages is finally good: Been upgraded to be in line with iOS.
  • I don’t like notifications: I really don’t like the way I need to hover and use the little X to close, it’s slowing my workflow down.
  • Less bugs: It feels like I’m encountering less or no bugs in daily use. Where on Catalina I ran into bugs weekly on Big Sur I’m not seeing it.

Overall I’m pleased with Big Sur, it’s a nice upgrade. I’m hoping that Apple move to a two year cycle now and just refine Big Sur this year as I’m finding it nice and stable.

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