A minimal iPhone Home Screen

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my creative projects, distractions and using simpler apps in the last few days. This has led me to redo my Home Screen as you can see above.

I’m using the screen to left of home to have a few widgets but I’m mainly keeping them off my Home Screen.

The screen to the right of home is the App Library.

This leaves just the Home Screen that contains the only real apps I’m using on my iPhone now I’ve removed a lot of distractions.

One thing that stands out is Things 3, I’m just using it as a simple to do list whilst I gather my thoughts. Accessibility issues exist but for a view of my calendar and a few things to tick off I’m using it for now.

Streaks is there whilst I figure out good habits to start and bad habits to drop.

I’m using Apple Music just for the songs I’ve purchased, no subscription service. This still gets catered for by Amazon Music.

Not much more to say on this new setup aside from it’s less busy and hopefully keeps me off my iPhone more unless I’m listening to music.

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