My most used tech of 2020

With a change of working habits and life it’s definitely affected the tech I’ve been using this year so I thought I’d list the tech I’ve used the most and how I’m using it.

My iPhone becoming my iPad

This was a strange one looking back. I broke my iPad Pro back in April time and went without one for a couple of months. What I found was my iPhone 11 Pro became my tablet. I started to watch video on it and do more productivity tasks like note taking and task management. I picked up a 2020 Pro in June and I love it but finding I’m not actually using it that much. Especially since I left work in November.

Back to the Mac

Since I’ve been engaged in job hunting I’ve needed to use a Mac more. The site I use for job hunting support doesn’t work well on iOS and I’m in Zoom interviews and meetings. I found the iPad didn’t get any use for these and I went back to using the 12″ MacBook. This has been a great little laptop and once upgraded to Big Sur the performance got better.

I dropped it though and once I investigate what’s now rattling it may be traded in for an M1 Mac Mini or MacBook Air. I’m not dropping iPad at all it’s just my needs have changed with my situation change.

AirPods Pro

Still one of my favourite Apple releases and get use daily. I’ve often got one in listening to an audio book or both when I’m trying to focus without background noise.

Nintendo Switch

Thanks to Animal Crossing I’ve rediscovered how great this console is. It’s also come in handy with my family playing Minecraft on the TV so I have my own screen to play whenever I want. If it broke I’d immediately replace it with a Lite, it’s become that important for me.

What have you used the most?

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