Another year of growth for the blog and going forward

2020 has been another year of growth for the blog. Visits are up 35% and I’m finding now that I’m posting more regularly things are on the up. But, I need to look at ways it can support me now I’m out of work.

Thanks to my Ko-Fi supporters I’ve been able to keep the lights on for another year and I appreciate this more than anything on the creative side this year – thanks. Without your support I wouldn’t be writing this.

In terms of other ways I can help keep me writing here, it’s been terrible being honest. I have no support via patreon or a sponsor. I’m not a marketing genius but I’m running out of ideas here. I have applied for third party platforms like Carbon but been rejected by them all. Rejection is something I’m getting used to having applied to so many jobs, but I digress.

I’m on the verge of giving up monetising completely.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with my creative pull going forward. My day is taken up with personal stuff and thinking about how to get an income.

I’m thinking about going in with video in the new year but the way I’ve been feeling I’m not sure if this’ll be a good thing or bad. It’s something I’m going to think seriously about and see if I can add anything.

I enjoy podcasting but based on my trail of failed projects I’m a better guest than host. Another creative outlet I need to think about. Maybe I’ll relaunch Home Screens as it picked up a little following for a while there.

Anyway this isn’t the most positive of posts but I’m sharing where I’m at and how I’m feeling.

I haven’t planned any goals for the new year aside from finding a new day job. My creative endeavours are in the background now but I’m going to try to plan some time to sit down and plan what it may look like and if I have the energy to see something through.

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