Don’t buy the Apple Watch Series 2

I’m still using my Apple Watch Series 2 on and off but based on the last few days I can no longer recommend it. I’m toying with the idea of using it again to help me with my fitness goals but will need to upgrade to a series 4 or later.

With the latest watchOS 6 update it’s just continued it’s downwards slide to obsolete.

  • Watch faces no longer sync between the iPhone and watch
  • Software update checks no longer complete
  • Restarting takes upwards of 3 minutes
  • Loss of pairing to the iPhone several times a day
  • Fitness tracking losing stats

I’m at a point now that I can still get around £50 for my 1300 day old Apple Watch and I think I’m going to take it and get a refurbished model or used.

Which model are you using?


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