iOS task managers

With a change in finances came a potential change in task manager. I looked at ones I’d already bought, free and subscriptions. Here’s the ones I tested and my views on how they worked or didn’t for me. Please bear in mind I’m very picky with my apps.

Apple Reminders

This was the most obvious option for free. I previously had sync issues but this seems to be sorted now. I started to use it and was immediately struck with how bad it is on the iPad if you use the trackpad. There isn’t any support for right click etc. Given I go between devices a lot this was enough for me to throw it away as an option.

Things 3

I had already paid for this so I gave it another go. Within 10 minutes I threw it in the bin. The lack of accessibility options in this app is inexcusable. It doesn’t adhere to the system font and as someone with older eyes that bumps up the font means I cannot use this app.


This looks great and is 80% there. It’s a one off payment at a reasonable price, uses iCloud sync and is accessible. My main issue was around how long it took to get to a list. Swiping to the right to get to my lists is an unnecessary step for me, I use and swap between lists a lot. I decided this was a deal breaker for me.


A favourite amongst Apple users but it seems so fiddly to me. I’ve tried to use it numerous times but it requires a real investment in setting up to work for you. I gave it a good couple of days but didn’t stick, too complicated for me.


Switching between macOS and iOS is the main reason I don’t use OmniFocus. The app on macOS looks ancient to me and even compared to the iOS version. I like the iOS version but I just find it too old school on macOS. It feels like using MS Word or something, almost like they are apps from two different companies. The other stumbling block is the fact you can’t set a task to be due today without setting a time.

Microsoft To Do

It’s a nice looking app if you loved Wunderlist (I did) but it doesn’t see enough updates. It also doesn’t have a widget, which is a deal breaker for me. It’s a shame but I think if we got a widget it would be a go to to do app on iOS for a lot of people.


Where I’ve settled, even with a free account. I don’t get notifications but with the widget I can manage this. It’s quick to enter new items, I can quickly see and access projects, it supports accessibility, has rock solid sync, supports trackpad on iOS and has some of the best widgets in iOS.

Which app do you use?


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