Appreciating the technology you already own

One of the side effects of having zero budget for new stuff since September is that I’ve really started to appreciate the technology I already own. I’m always drawn to the new and shiny but I’ve not been able to get any of it. It’s a first world problem but when it’s your hobby it’s been more difficult than I thought not being able to look at any new technology for the blog in the last 5 months. But, this has really gotten me stepping back and looking at the technology I already have and enjoying it.

This obviously also has great benefits for the environment.

Here’s my favourites

  • Nintendo Switch: My three year old launch model is still working great and I’m getting so much more use out of it this year. Animal Crossing and Minecraft are my most used games and ergonomics aside it’s been a great device.
  • PS4 Pro: I barely get a look in with my Pro now my family have discovered Minecraft but it’s on hours a day and keeps going. Yes, it sounds like a plane taking off but with our OLED it looks fantastic. I’m not seeing any reason to upgrade to the PS5.
  • MacBook 12″ (2016): Since the update to Big Sur it’s been so much more performant. With job seeking I’m using sites that just don’t work on mobile Safari and I prefer Pages on macOS over iOS. It’s getting used daily and for a 4 year old machine is fine. I was toying with a trade but I’m sticking with it. It’ll even run Logic Pro when I’m in the mood for some guitar.
  • 2015 5k iMac: I recently upgraded to 16GB and along with Big Sur it’s flying. It’s a great screen, runs quietly and I feel no reason to do anything with it. It’s in daily use and keeps going.
  • iPhone 11 Pro: I have to be honest I’m looking at 12 Mini prices daily but I’m still on the fence as to even changing it. The 11 Pro still has a great camera and the battery lasts for ages. If I was on an Apple good guy list and could review one I’m sure I’d enjoy a Mini but on a budget with a working 11 Pro, I see no reason to change it.
  • Casio AE1200: I love my Casio and Seiko watches but as a day wear the AE wins hands down. It’s comfortable, easily d, has a great backlight and timer functions. They also take a beating.

What’s your technology favourites that are still in use?

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