My game of the year is Animal Crossing

I never thought I’d be saying this but Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch is my game of 2020. It coincided with lockdown and has kept my brain occupied ever since. I’ve played a lot of PlayStation and whilst I’ve enjoyed games like Fall Guys none have gotten into me like Animal Crossing has.

My Switch was largely unused for the previous 6 months but has become a good friend to me this year. I’ve had it over 3 years and the battery only lasts a couple of hours now but it just keeps on going. In fact if it broke I’d get a Lite straight away, I’m that tied to the console now.

Anyway, Animal Crossing is relaxed and lets me build how I want and do anything I feel I need to as an escape. If I want to just pop in and do some fishing for 30 mins to take my mind off things I will. I haven’t built a massively complicated island just one that lets me wander around and enjoy.

It’s become good for my mental health and has worked it’s way into my daily routine.

Just a short post to get something off my mind here no big review, anyone else finding Animal Crossing has helped them this year?

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