Pitaka Air case for iPhone durability

I’ve had the Pitaka Air for my iPhone 11 Pro for over a year now and I’d estimate it’s been on my iPhone around 60% of that time. It’s by far the best thin case I’ve found but it’s started to show it’s age and I thought I’d show you how it’s held up, it also doesn’t hold up on drops.

This dot (white one) came from a drop. Dropped on the corner of something and it went right through the case. Shattered the screen on the iPhone, one drop failed.

This is the drop from the other side. Note that hand sanitiser has made the finish go weird, I don’t like using it anymore.

So in a nutshell

  • Best thin case I’ve tested
  • Hand sanitiser messed with the fibre finish
  • Not great for drops

Time to retire this one I think.

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