App subscription or one off payment?

As I’m managing a much smaller budget now whilst I look for work I’ve had to take a serious look at my app usage.

It also got me thinking about one off purchases vs app subscriptions.

When I had a full time job I didn’t really think about £3.99 a month for my to do app but now I’ve got no income I need to review the apps I already paid for.

I’m much more comfortable right now investing in apps I’ve paid up front for that don’t require me to budget for it monthly.

I already paid for apps like OmniFocus, Things 3 and Streaks and whilst maybe not perfect for my workflow I need to be realistic and invest in getting around the shortcomings.

I’ve now not got any app subscriptions running (sorry Devs) and am only able to invest that give me the basics of what I need without worrying about where the monthly fee is going to come from.

How do you feel about subscriptions vs paying up front?


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