Appreciating the 2016 12″ MacBook

Seems an odd thing to post as someone that has predominantly lived on iOS but in the last few months with my job searching, interviews and working with agencies I’ve been using macOS a lot more and I’ve really grown to appreciate the 12″ MacBook that I have and I’m glad I kept it around. It’s a 2016 model with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD and whilst it isn’t the fastest ship in the galaxy it’s doing a great job. It’s lighter than my iPad Pro 11″ with a keyboard and seems the perfect size to chuck an M1 processor in and call it a day. If Apple released this exact machine (with a more reliable keyboard!) and an M1 processor than I would be buying one day one. Now I’ve updated to macOS Big Sur and the latest versions of pages etc I can do everything I need to on this machine.

The main reason for falling back on macOS is mainly around updating my CV based on templates I’m given, a more reliable Zoom experience and ability to easily hook up my MIC setup without faffing around with anything. This isn’t me leaving the iPad behind at all I love it, but I do have a new appreciation for this MacBook and if you found one (and could deal with the flat keyboard) then as a portable it’s still great (especially if you grab one with 16GB RAM). Having one USB-C is a pain sometimes but I can manage with it given Zoom calls tend to be less than an hour and at four years old it still holds a charge fine for me. I do have a concern that now I’m using it for hours a day the well reported keyboard issues are going to hit me but at the moment (touching wood) it’s holding up fine.

I’ll continue to hold out hope we’ll see this smaller form factor with an M1 at some point…

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