My favourite iOS apps of 2020

For me this year has been settling on apps I’ve already known rather than discovering too many new ones. This is a list of my most used or favourite apps I’ve used in the last 12 months.

It’s not a massive post going through each in detail but an overview of the what and why.

  • Todoist: I’ve settled into a workflow with Todoist in the last few months. It’s helped me structure my job searching and with their flexible sort options it’s really customisable. I find I’m using the widget a lot and whilst the font isn’t my favourite it does everything I’d expect of it. Reliable sync and respects the accessibility settings of iOS. With my switching to macOS a little more to use Zoom etc having it available in a web browser is great as I’m often on either one of our two Mac’s at home.
  • NetNewsWire: Part of cutting back on budget also meant finding cool free apps. NetNewsWire is one of those. A great little RSS reader that’s become my favourite the more I’ve used it.
  • Amazon Music: I switched to save money vs Apple Music but I’ve actually grown pretty fond of the app. The only downside is lack of HomePod integration and macOS app.
  • Minecraft: It along with Animal Crossing has helped my mental health in the last few months. Really taken my mind off things. Coop playing with my daughter has been fun too.
  • Apple Notes: I switched apps a couple of times but always come back to Notes. Sync is good and now I’ve discovered subfolders it’s got all the organisation I need.
  • Apollo: Continues to be the way I read Reddit.
  • Tweetbot: Old faithful for my Twitter use.
  • Day One: Still my journaling app of choice.
  • Moodnotes: A great app for keeping track of your mood and thinking patterns.
  • DuckDuckGo: My browser of choice for privacy.
  • Disney+: It has it’s problems on Apple TV but on iOS it’s great (and how awesome is The Mandalorian!).

Here’s just my little roundup on the most used of favourite apps of 2020. What are some of yours?


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