iPhone SE 2020 or iPhone 12 Mini?

I think I’m at a point where ergonomics rule over having the latest and greatest technology. My daily iPhone 11 Pro has a great camera but I really dislike using it. It causes me some RSI issues and I still find it hard to use, it’s not a one handed device for me. I also feel like I’m going to drop it whenever I’m out using the camera or just messaging.

That’s got me looking at a change to a smaller device even if I’m sacrificing the camera.

I was all in with the 12 Mini but then I looked over at the SE and I’m seriously tempted.

I’ve always disliked FaceID and having used my iPad Mini a lot I’m missing being able to use TouchID on my phone.

I can’t make the switch financially right now but whilst I ponder it I’m thinking that I need to stop pretending my iPhone is a camera and get a phone that’s comfy along with a good point and shoot.

I’m not taking many pictures at the moment (2020!) so not having the best camera on my iPhone isn’t really an issue. From what I’ve seen the SE camera outdoors seems great and if I pair it with something like a Sony RX100 then I might have a great combination.

Or, I live with FaceID and get the Mini. It’ll cost £300 more so I won’t be able to get a camera.

It’s a first world problem I know but a good distraction for me to think about until I sort out my job situation.

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