My trust issues with Apple Reminders

I’m sure I’ll get blasted for continuing to beat this dead horse but I was actually enjoying using Reminders then this happened.

It’s showing that I have 4 items due today (I actually have 1) but the 3 it’s picked up are nothing. As you can see in the second image it’s showing 3 blank items.

I’ve checked iCloud and it all looks fine to me but iOS is showing these blank rows, even after a restart. Took logging in and out of iCloud to sort it out.

I feel that somewhere along the line of maybe beta testing or the Notes iCloud bug I encountered in iOS 13 (which resulted in a call to Apple engineering and a data reset) has somehow corrupted my Reminders database. But this highlights to me how fragile certain parts of iCloud still are.

Am I alone? I can’t put my trust in iCloud (at least for Reminders) going forward so I’ll most likely be dropping back to something else.

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