The importance of scheduling your day when you’re out of work

I’ve been out of work now for just over a week and one thing I’m finding hard is losing that schedule of a 9 to 5 job, especially if you had client contact and lots of meetings like I did. I had a hybrid role, somewhere between Technical Consultant and Solutions Architect and was always engaged in something or other. Suddenly stopping that is very difficult and it’s a bit of a struggle right now, appreciate it is hard for everyone in 2020.

It’s easy to fall into treating each day with a lack of focus and energy. Getting lost in thoughts and worry is also easy when you suddenly have headspace. I can’t read the news, especially anything to do with the economy and it’s easy to see doom and gloom.

But, I’m finding if you plan out your projects and your day then it helps give you some focus and takes your mind of things. Be it DIY, gaming or your creative projects you can set aside time for each. I’m not planning meetings into my calendar but having distinct projects in my to do app for each goal and to do items that remind me to chip away at them each day.

Even if it’s all on paper, write down a few things you want to accomplish. Like say launch a Star Wars podcast (watch this space) or finally record that music you’ve been meaning to (again, watch this space).

These give you some purpose outside of the daily job search and rejection cycle that it’s easy to fall into. You can’t look for jobs 7 hours a day! Take time to look at what you want to achieve and plan some time for it.

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