The most exciting things from the new Apple M1 is bringing it closer to the iPad

I watched the Apple keynote yesterday where we found out what Apple has planned for bringing it’s own chips to the Mac line. M1 is the name and it’s pretty impressive but for me (as an iPad first user) the most exciting bits were how it’s coming closer to the iPad in a key areas.

First, seeing an instant on experience on the Mac is going to be huge. I have a 12″ MacBook and a 5K iMac at home and if they turned on as quickly as my iPad Pro I’d be happy. It’s probably my number one frustration when I go back to using my Mac.

Next is the battery, an extra 6 hours is going to be great. I charge my iPad Pro every couple of days and having the same on a MacBook of MacBook Pro is game changing for those in the field.

Lastly is the silent operation. Having a high powered laptop without a fan is pretty incredible. Remember this is just for the MacBook Air but I imagine the Pro is going to be very quiet.

I’m not in the market for one but I’m loving how this may also push the iPad development.

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