I’m not preordering an iPhone 12 Mini or Pro Max

I’ve been thinking a lot about the two new iPhone models coming up for preorder tomorrow. I’d had it set in my mind that I’d order a Mini and not think about it but with my current job situation and Christmas I can’t justify any purchases regardless of how little it might be with a trade of my iPhone 11 Pro.

I’m also a little concerned about

  • Losing the 2x telephoto
  • How bad the 12 Mini battery life might turn out to be

So for the Mini I’m holding out until I get financially stable. But, if a review unit or donation works out I’ll pick one up to review.

In the Pro Max I’m sure the camera will have me wishing I could test one but I had an 11 Pro Max for a couple of weeks and it was too unwieldy for me.

I keep coming back to my current 11 Pro is great. I get the telephoto, great battery life and an amazing camera.

Do you have any plans?

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