The apps that make it onto my iPhone Home Screen

I posted my iPad Home Screen so I thought I’d post my latest iPhone Home Screen. I’m using a few widgets and the image above is showing the apps that made it onto the Home Screen. Everything else is in the App Library.

  • Day One: I’ve been journaling for years using Day One and it’s on the main page as a reminder
  • Overcast: Been my podcast player of choice for years
  • Reeder 4: RSS reader of choice
  • Phone: I need to keep an eye on calls whilst job seeking so it’s made it to the main page so I can see if I’ve missed any
  • Amazon Music: Been enjoying Amazon Music lately, quick to download tracks and more affordable than Apple Music
  • DuckDuckGo: My browser of choice
  • Notes: I’m using Notes daily
  • WordPress: To bring you posts like these
  • Messages
  • Todoist: Switched over to Todoist for a month or so now
  • Mail: Stock app does me just fine
  • Camera: I like quick access

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