Reduce, reuse and recycle

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I consume technology and my impact on the environment. I’m faced with uncertainty and a a need to highly manage a budget anyway but over the last few years I’ve been conscious about the technology I’m consuming and it’s sustainability.

I wanted to stop buying stuff just to test and be more conscious of what I’m actually picking up to use. I’ve tried to work on the premise of if it’s functional and gives me what I need I’ll keep it. My worst enemy with this is Apple stuff, which shouldn’t surprise anyone that reads my site.

But this year I’ve decided that the 11 Pro is still great and working fine. My iPad was replaced in June as my last one smashed so that’s covered. I don’t use the Apple Watch anymore and my 7 year old iPad Mini still does the job. Our iMac recently had a RAM upgrade and the 2016 MacBook is doing just fine for the little time it gets used. The main temptation is going to be the iPhone 12 Mini this year but without a regular income at the moment that’s not going to happen without a donation or review unit.

I’ve also stopped eyeing up a Pixel to test. It’ll be a waste as I won’t use it full time and again, I’m impacting the environment for very little gain.


  • Reduce: don’t buy it in the first place, which has the most impact
  • Reuse: pass down technology that doesn’t serve a purpose for me via family or sell to a reseller
  • Recycle: responsibly hand into someone like Apple to properly recycle the equipment

This is what I’m going to do my best to follow.

This post isn’t meant to make anyone feel guilty about their purchase it’s to hold myself accountable and remind me that I’m making a commitment to be a little more environmentally friendly.

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