Rediscovering the Nintendo Switch

I’ve owned the Nintendo Switch since March 2017 and I have to be honest, for the last few months has been gathering dust. But, now my young gamer in the house has discovered the PS4 and especially Minecraft I hardly get a look in now so I went to a screen I had control over – my switch.

I was obsessed with Zelda and played it non stop until I finished it but no other game quite grabbed me the same way until Animal Crossing New Horizons came out. It really did help distract me back in early lockdown and since the last few weeks I’ve been playing it again and again it’s been a nice distraction.

Another game I’ve started to get into playing (just the demo so far) is Pikmin 3.

I’m using it as a portable and both my joy cons don’t attach properly (I’m using large stickers to keep them attached!) but I’m back using it daily.

I think just in the last few weeks I’ve gone from forgetting about it to immediately replacing it if it broke.

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