Blogging from an iPhone

I was thinking this morning that 80% of my posts these days are all done from my iPhone. I do write from my iPad but it’s becoming a rarer thing these days.

My sleep patterns are all over the place right now and my iPhone is always with me. I’m also a pretty spontaneous writer and what I write here is rarely planned. I share my thoughts as they come to me and almost treat the blog like my own little social network.

I don’t get products for review or have a massive audience so I think for personal blogs you can just use an iPhone.

I use an iPhone 11 Pro, so I get a good screen size and amazing camera. This gets me images I can easily use on blog posts and a keyboard I’m used to typing on.

App wise I just use the WordPress one. It’s easy to use and is reliable.

That’s really it.

The only time I go near a Mac is if I want to change site theme or look at ad revenue.

You don’t need much to share your thoughts somewhere these days and for me the simpler the better.

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