Pitaka Air for iPhone 11 Pro, long term review

I’ve been using the Pitaka Air for almost a year now and wanted to share my thoughts on using it and how it’s held up.

I really dislike putting a case on an iPhone but personally I’ve found the matte backed Pro models to be hard to keep hold of. They are great at staying put on the arms of a sofa but do not grip well in the hand. That’s where the Pitaka case has really helped.

It’s the lightest and thinnest case I’ve tried with any iPhone and it adds the right about of grip. The buttons are easy to access and the camera cutout gives plenty of room.

It also allows me to stand the phone up against the front of my monitor or a wall when I’m reading cooking instructions. Try doing this with a caseless phone and you’ll find a path of frustration.

My only complaint is that if you hold the phone with your pinky finger at the bottom the slightly sharp edges sometimes dig in but it’s not a constant issue for me. I only hold it like this sometimes, not a big deal.

It’s held up remarkably well, especially as I’ve dropped it onto laminate flooring several times and it’s taken a hit on concrete.

There are a few small signs of wear but the back is still in perfect condition and the edges are still pristine. To me this justifies the initial cost of the case, which I think puts some people off buying one in the first place. It makes more sense economically to spend a little more on a great case in the first place.


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