Monetising your blog

When you’re faced with justifying your creative outlet financially it becomes harder to keep it 100% as you’d like, the clean look of the site might have to be somewhat sacrificed to keep it sustainable. I’m also faced with finding extra income so I need to start to look at how I can monetise outside of the initiatives I’ve already got. I’ve had some great support to help pay for the hosting but I’d like the site to generate at least a little extra income for me to help pay the bills and for product reviews.

Here’s how I’m planning it

  • I’ve already implemented ways to support the site via Patreon etc… – extra thanks to those that have helped me out so far
  • Adding Amazon affiliate links help me put money towards products to review
  • I’m going to put ads on the site again, I’m doing this reluctantly but it’s what most other sites do and I hope you understand

Let’s see if I can have a go at helping the site pay for itself and help me out in 2020.


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