Does the iPad Air signal the end of the 11” iPad Pro?

I really love my 2020 11″ iPad Pro, combined with the Pencil and magic keyboard it’s the best computer I’ve ever owned. But with the introduction of the iPad Air it’s got me thinking that we may not see an updated version of the 11″ iPad Pro going forward.

Spec wise they aren’t too far apart, which has me thinking that Apple could draw a line between the iPad Air and the iPad Pro. The iPad Pro is currently 12.9″ on the top end but imagine that the new iPad Pro starts at the 12.9″ and goes to 16″. If you want something smaller you go iPad Air or standard iPad. If you want to push the iPad and use it for video and photography then your default will be the larger more powerful Pro.

Then imagine a better docked experience with a screen and you have a Pro that is large when on the go and even better if you want to edit at the desk.

What do you think?


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