Casio F-91W – The most comfortable watch

I’ve been wearing a lot of my old watches and I’ve settled on what I think is the most comfortable watch available.

The Casio F-91w is ultralight, can take a beating, water resistant, small profile and has all of the time features you need in a daily wear.

It’s a watch that you can get for less than £15, put it on and forget about. Mines gone through a few scrapes and has scratches all over and dings in the screen but that just gives it personality to me. It’s tempting to go for something like a G-Shock 5610 but I’d recommend saving about £80 and getting an F-91W instead.

The only downside is the light isn’t great but you can still tell the time, it might just take a few more seconds.

Purchase your own F-91W

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