Are you holding off for an iPhone 12 Mini or Pro Max?

It’s been weird not picking up a new iPhone on release day. I’ve picked one up every year since the 3G but this year is different for numerous reasons. I’m trying to jump phones for something worth while and the 12 Pro doesn’t look like a step worth making for me this year. I’m not judging those who do but as someone watching a budget I don’t see the justification.

To be honest looking at those shiny sides on the 12 Pro I’d go 12 this year as I much prefer the aluminium matte sides to the stainless steel.

I do have some budget set aside from eBay sales for tech stuff (I like to do one in one out on my stuff) but the only thing grabbing me is either the Mini or the Pro Max.

On one hand I love the smaller form factor but on the other I love the camera. I’ll wait until reviews before making any moves this year but I’m leaning towards ordering a 12 Mini (white, 128GB) this year with a view to returning if it doesn’t work out. I can trade in my current 11 Pro and pay £100 to get the Mini so I’m very tempted.

The Max would have to be exceptionally better camera wise to get me living with that large phone, but I also don’t like those shiny sides so I don’t see me going down this path.

What are you planning to do?

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