iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 Pro, which one feels best?

With reviews coming in now for both of these models I’m finding it interesting that both MKBHD and John Gruber seem to prefer the feel and weight of the iPhone 12, something that’s got me rethinking any choices I may have been making.

Having a glossy back and aluminium sides looks to be better to keep hold of. The matte finish on my 11 Pro looks fantastic and doesn’t let it slide off surfaces but is more slippery to my hands. I’m not precious about stainless steel sides and personally prefer the look of the raw aluminium.

This really has me thinking about whether I go standard size 12 if the Mini turns out to be too small. I intend on testing one out somehow!

I’m still torn over the camera system on the Pro, that additional 2x is something I use a lot but I’m going to try not to use it as an experiment to see if I could manage without it.

I already know I’m not going near a Pro Max even if the camera is fantastic, it’s just too big.

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