I keep coming back to the iPhone 11 Pro

I usually get a new iPhone every year, I don’t have many hobbies or spend on other things so it’s my one treat a year. This year though I’m torn and I keep coming back to staying on the 11 Pro might be the best thing to do.

The iPhone 12 Pro doesn’t look to be much of an improvement to warrant a big outlay. It’s also slightly larger than a phone I already don’t like that much.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is probably going to have a mega camera but I doubt I could manage it day to day without flaring up my RSI again. I did try an 11 Pro Max and found it to be very top heavy.

The iPhone 12 Mini is my perfect size but I know I’ll regret it every time I go to use the optical zoom (2x), which I use quite a lot on my 11 Pro.

All of this leads me to think that keeping my 11 Pro as it’s what I’m already using, doesn’t cost me anything to keep running and I have the camera I really like might be the best thing to do.

I’ve checked trade in price on my 11 Pro and I can afford a Mini or Pro Max so I’m going to sit it out for now until I see some evidence it’s worth shifting models this year.

What are you planning on doing?

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